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We are passionate about helping orphan children in Ethiopia have a better future. We aim to help them break away from the path of poverty by providing them with education and a good daily nutritious meal

Sponsored children are enrolled in an appropriate school and provided with all the pencils and books needed. School fees are paid. Every lunchtime, sponsored children are given a balanced meal prepared for them in a nearby food hall run by the project.

For just £12.50 per month you can give an Ethiopian child a better life..

Your contribution provides

  • Daily Lunch
  • Education
  • Clothes
  • Healthcare
  • Love and encouragement from a great project team

Easter is a huge celebration in Ethiopia and the custom is that parents buy their children new clothes. it is almost the same as our Christmas celebrations. Obviously poor children will not receive a new set of clothes from their parents and therefore our sponsored children receive a set of clothes from the project. Healthcare is provided if the child cannot be helped by the nearby government clinics and hospitals.

And last but not least… The love and encouragement from a sponsor in England can change a child’s life. Someone that cares for them, especially to children who have lost their parents, gives them hope for their future.