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Changed lives

Just uploaded the changed lives page.

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Changed Lives

Stories of how the lives of children who have been sponsored on the project have now grown up and finished school.  They have now found employment or attending college


What an amazing story.  This is Wakjira Ararsa, a young man on the AFGAO Ethiopia project .

He has just started his 7 year studies to become a doctor in Addis Abba.

The project has given him an education and a bright future to use his talents for the care of others

The Hand in Hand UK team were able to get a laptop to help with his studies.


Desta and Tsega, two of our older girls at college. Desta is studying accounting & Tsega is studying Community Health. They both come in most days to help on the project


Fikado who has left the project and now works of Teckno, a mobile network company in Addis comes in to help the younger children learn computer skills. So great to see this happening!


One of the teenagers on the project went on to study to be a teacher and now teaches at the school where children from the project attend.